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Send a message to members of knesset that you support the aliyah of the Bnei Menashe.

Support Amishav and Shavei Israel.

Support communities in Israel that absorb Bnei Menashe immigrants.

How to Help the Bnei Menashe

The main organization assiting the Bnei Menashe today is Shavei.

Shavei Israel opens the door to all who have decided that Judaism and a return to the Jewish people are central to their fate and their identity. We reach out to “lost” and “hidden” Jews around the world. From Poland to Peru, and Barcelona to Brazil, Shavei Israel aims to help descendants of Jews reconnect with the people and State of Israel.

Shavei Israel was founded ten years ago by Michael Freund. While serving as the Deputy Communications Director under Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 1997, Freund opened an envelope that arrived in the mail one day.  The envelope was from a group in northeastern India called the Bnei Menashe. They said they were descendents of the tribe of Menashe one of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, and were pleading to return to the Promised Land. Their letter sent Freund on a mission to learn all he could about the Lost Tribes of Israel. In the process, he discovered that all across the world there are “lost “Jews dreaming of returning to their Jewish roots.

Shavei Israel is comprised of a team of academics, educators and rabbinical figures and has the support of different rabbinical authorities in Israel and the United States of America. Our work is in complete accordance with Jewish Law and under the ongoing supervision of the Chief Rabbinate of the State of Israel.


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Bnei Menashe

One of the first lost tribes to return to the promised land is the Bnei Menashe. Coming from North East India, these new immigrants to Israel are one of many branches of Israel, reconnecting with their ancient roots.

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Jewish Geography

The Bnei Menashe live in a remote part of India, stuck between Bangladesh and Myanmar (Burma). Many live in Aizawl, in Mizoram Province and Imphal in Manipur Province. Some also live in Churachandpur near the border with Burma.